Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Solutions

NorthStar CAD

Based on advanced analytical routing techniques, LogiSYS' NorthStar CAD provides communication centers true Decision Support as well as integrated ESRI GIS. LogiSYS Decision Support functionality with ESRI's GIS tools provides 911 professionals with the ability to manage their system while allowing GIS professionals to manage theirs without the need for cumbersome file conversion. Upon verification of Incident Type and call location, NorthStar automatically recommends the best available resource(s) for a particular circumstance and provides that information to the dispatcher on the fly.

Interactive Mapping Solutions

LogiSYS and its affiliates have over 25 years of experience creating digital maps for a variety of jurisdictions and applications throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. LogiSYS was one of the first vendors to offer a CAD system with fully integrated GIS-based mapping capabilities. The heart of all LogiSYS products is the graphic coordinate-based street address file (or geofile). Today, LogiSYS' CAD, Records Management and Mapping systems fully integrate with ESRI GIS.​


A natural extension to the LogiSYS NorthStar CAD system, MobileTrak has a fully integrated mobile map display. MobileTrak provides responding units with most information associated with a Call For Service (CFS), giving them the tools they need to respond and do their jobs as efficiently and safely as possible. This system has a very robust message switch supporting the following features: Silent Dispatch, Status Button bar, CFS view (active and archived), CFS creation, Unit Status View, integrated map and map functions, emergency functionality and most CAD commands.​

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