Records Management Systems (RMS)


With an ever-increasing need for the newest  technologies in today’s markte,t our browser-based Records Management Systems, LogiTrak, is the wave of the future. LogiTrak is a true web-based prodcuts that still provides an all-inclusive RMS solutions for your agency.

CAD GIS Integration

As with all of our products integration with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and reporting is the foundation of LogiTrak. It offers Incident Reporting, Accident reports with Diagramming, Crime Reports, Citations, Wants/Warrants, Field Interview and much more.

Reports and Statistics

LogiTrak has a standardized method of entering incident reports and accurate NIBRS reporting for a ture picture of crime statistics within your agency. LogiSYS provides a visual map display of data elements in an easy-to-use format with a signel point of entry and with advanced workflow capabilities to meet all your reporting needs. Our system architecutre includes a master database for dynamic case links, an electronic “to-do” list for automated work flow, ad-hoc reporting, and end product report generation for agency and statistical reporting.