Services and Integration

What We Offer

Needs Analysis

No two agencies are the same. Every municipality has its own concerns and priorities. Once a contract is signed, we undertake a complete Needs Analysis of your site. We design a system to meet your goal of an enterprise wide solution that eliminates duplicate equipment, software, and services.


This is the stage where data is gathered and we build the digital map and your databases for implementing the system. This includes: developing the initial dispatch policies, delineating response zone boundaries, and developing resource allocation orders for each response zone.

Functional Specifications

Once a detailed Needs Analysis is completed, our next step is preparing a mutually agreed upon Functional Specifications document and a Statement of Work. These documents define the final system to be installed and specify an exact timeline and implementation plan for project completion.


Just prior to final implementation of your solution, we order all your hardware. Sometimes, with the rapid changes in new hardware and pricing structures, we can make changes to reflect new advances in technology. We will either upgrade your hardware for the same price or refund the price difference back to your agency. Also, the hardware is pre-staged at our headquarters with your agency's data. This allows our support staff to test and evaluate your hardware before it is repackaged and shipped to your site.

Final Implementation

Once the databases are prepared and the digital map file is created, we begin final implementation. We ship the equipment to your site, where implementation specialists install your system. Interfaces, enhanced modules, and strategic alliance partner solutions are thoroughly tested to ensure harmonious operation.