LogiSYS helps agencies respond faster.

LogiSYS helps agencies respond faster.

The LogiSYS Next Generation Portfolio equips calltakers, dispatchers, units, and supervisors with innovative tools that improve response times and support smart decisions.

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It's more than a computer aided dispatch system.

It's a comprehensive public safety solution. ​

With a modern, user-friendly design, this browser-based portfolio requires no workstation installation. Our portfolio is easily configured to desktop, laptop, and tablet devices, and it offers intuitive end-user customization.

Configure your fields and cards in one monitor

Our fresh and user-friendly interface organizes incidents information in a card-based system. We centralize everything a dispatcher, calltaker, and mobile unit need to know.

Our portfolio offers multiple customization options and themes: the system saves each user preference, helping users start their shift off on the right foot. Resize and undock cards, select fonts and color themes, and toggle Dark Mode.

Elegant, fast, and powerful, our portfolio does it all within one monitor.

Information At Your Fingertips

Our dashboard feature contains helpful links and information to help users start their shift. The cards are entirely customizable or removable as needed, though we envision the following being helpful:

  • Traffic Cameras: Keep eyes on major incident crashes, traffic hazards, weather-related and environmental hazards.
  • Run Cards: For quick refreshers and to review SOP, access directions on how to handle specific situations by policy.
  • Missing Children: Connect to state databases to give calltakers and officers an at hand description in case a person matching that description is reported or an officer comes upon them during patrol.
  • Weather: In the event of incoming inclement weather, prepare dispatch and officers for weather-related calls such as increased car accidents, wires down, fires, false alarm, burglar alarms, and felled trees.

For any position such as dispatcher, officer, supervisor, and others, change the displayed information so that those groups have what they need available.


Keep your units informed

Empower your mobile CAD units with the power of the internet. Our portfolio is compatible with basically any device that can access the internet, be that a dispatcher’s workstation, an MDT in a squad car, or a tablet carried by an officer or supervisor.

Allow mobile units to keep track of live incident and unit data, receive instant dispatch notifications, and create and modify incident data. Our solutions are available on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Quickly generate a variety of reports about Calls for Service, traffic stops, and many other variables. These reports summarize relevant information in easy-to-read and print-friendly format.

Designed with the active units in mind, your units are supported wherever they go.

Public safety software for all

LogiSYS software is designed to keep everyone safe. We know that having the right information at the right time is critical for timely and safe emergency responses. That’s why we’re committed to developing a configurable, easy-to-use portfolio for all your agency needs.

Professional Services

We offer personal support specialists, 24/7/365 support, onsite deployment and implementation, and favorable site-license pricing.

Dispatch Solutions

Our dispatch solutions are trusted by thousands, and our portfolio solutions are fully integrated. Take advantage of our portfolio for a powerful approach to public safety response.

Interface Capabilities

We interface with multiple third-party software and offer existing interfaces with reputable industry leaders. If your agency requires it, we will custom program an interface.

Save Time and Money

Our portfolio is browser-based, which saves you money and time on IT issues, server storage, and avoids conflicts caused by hardware and operating software updates. Upgrades no longer need to be done at the local level, keeping your dispatchers and units on all the time.

Grow with LogiSYS CAD

Any-size Solution

We offer solutions for national parks rangers, large municipalities, and small rural areas. Regardless of agency size, our portfolio is scalable to your needs with ample room to grow.


We support modern network architectures and standards. CAD has proven operations with NG911 GIS schema and NENA i3 compliant ESINet infrastructure.

Long-lasting Relationships

We've been in the industry for over 30 years, and we've formed strong partnerships with all of our clients. We pride ourselves on the development of our professional relationships.

Disaster Recovery

Our database backup and replication offer quick recovery in the event of a network outage or natural disaster. LogiSYS helps you get up and running within minutes should an emergency occur at your agency.

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