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Equip your MDT units with our AppTrak FirstResponse solution. AppTrak FR™ is available for download on supported mobile phones and tablets.

Keep your mobile Units Informed

With AppTrak FirstResponse

Incident creation
Users can create, update, and modify active incident information on-the-go. Any information entered is sent directly to LogiSYS CAD.
Update Status and Locations
With a click of a button, units can send status updates. AppTrak FR™ automatically sends location updates to CAD every 30 seconds.
Silent Dispatch
AppTrak FR™ users receive silent dispatch notifications when they are dispatched to an incident. A report immediately displays, providing the unit with vital information about their new assignment.
Send Messages and Files
AppTrak FR™ supports individual and group messaging. Users can send messages to other units and dispatchers or create a group chat surrounding an incident. AppTrak FR™ allows users to send, receive, and download supported files.
mapping Integration

AppTrak FR™ is fully integrated with MobileMap™ to display unit and incident locations on a map. View visual routing information from unit to incident.

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