Robust computer aided dispatch solutions

NorthStar CAD™ and NorthStar Advanced CAD™ are robust computer aided dispatch solution for large districts and municipalities. They offer rapid and reliable response capability to shorten the time between an incident and an officer on scene.

When Every Second counts

Here's Why Communities Choose NorthStar CAD™ and NorthStar Advanced CAD™

Time-Tested CAD

We've spent years improving and tweaking NorthStar CAD™ and NorthStar Advanced CAD™. Both are used across the US by large municipalities and districts, and we roll out numerous enhancements and fixes based upon our clients' feedback.

Established Interfaces

We've established relationships with with a variety of third-party software. Chances are, the interface you need already exists. We also custom program solutions so we can better meet your unique needs.


We know that no two districts are alike, and that's why NorthStar CAD™ and NorthStar Advanced CAD™ can be configured to meet your needs. From fields, labels, screens, commands, colors, and more (much much more!), our CAD is configurable inside and out.

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