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Big Sky CAD™ has a modern, user-friendly design and is supported by tried-and-true backend services. With competitive startup costs and favorable site-licensing, this browser-based computer aided dispatch solution can be configured to desktop, laptop and tablet devices.

When Every Second counts

Here's Why Communities Choose Big Sky CAD™

Custom Programming

We can seamlessly integrate our browser-based interface with a variety of third-party software as needed. We pride ourselves on our easy integration and interoperabilitiy. If you have a need, LogiSYS will custom program a solution.


Big Sky CAD™ is browser-based, allowing for lower cost and simple onboarding. With a quick log-in, your dispatch will have access to a highly configurable and customizable server- or cloud-based CAD in your preferred browser

Single or Multi-Monitor Use

Gone are the days of costly 911 workstations. Big Sky CAD's server- or cloud-based comprehensive system is fully operational in a single monitor and tested for functionality.

Integrated Esri

We're partnered with Esri to help units get onsite safely and quickly. We offer routing, AVL, address validation, and much more.


We offer synchronized database backup and streamlined communication with other computer aided dispatch systems.

User Configuration

Our products offer multiple customization options and themes to help users start their shift off on the right foot.

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Established 1989

Since our founding, LogiSYS has been dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to fast and reliable dispatch for our emergency services.

Every day, thousands of mobile units respond to crucial situations with outdated and slow technology. Delayed communication between a caller, dispatcher, and mobile unit is often relayed too late, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

At LogiSYS, we offer a browser-based computer aided dispatch portfolio that offers near instant connection between all emergency response teams. Our integrated portfolio is designed to make dispatching and mobile responding more efficient.

Keep your mobile units aware of developing information.

Keep your communities safer with Big Sky CAD™ .

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