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With statistical analysis and system-wide notifications, Sentinel Gateway™ is the perfect application for situation awareness and CAD management.

Streamline Communication and Situation Awareness

With Sentinel Gateway™

Statistical Analysis

Monitor ongoing LogiSYS CAD information with intuitive, easy to read color-coded graphs and charts interface. Summarizes important data about incidents, units and CAD to be understandable at a glance.

Launch CAD Programs

LogiSYS Sentinel Gateway™ allows users to view and launch CAD programs.

Third-Party Information

Pull information from missing persons databases, local news websites, local weather services, and more.

Card-Based Layout

LogiSYS Sentinel Gateway™ uses a card-based layout for easy viewing. Cards can be displayed (or not displayed) based upon a user’s role.

System-Wide Connection

Create and modify persons and vehicles that everyone should Be On Lookout For. System admins can send notifications to all users.

Personal Notes

Create personal notes for reference or to help remember important shift information.

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